Breastfeeding is Beneficial at
Breastfeeding is Beneficial
Breastfeeding benefits the whole family!!!

Heart of Georgia Healthy Start offers breastfeeding consultations while you are pregnant and after the baby is born.  Breastfeeding accessories such as nipple shields, lanolin, manual and electric breastpumps are available.  Call or stop by the Healthy Start Office
Benefits to Baby... 
  • Less chance of developing diabetes, cancer, asthma, and allergies
  • Sick less often...less ear infections, colds, etc.
  • Decreased chance of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Less chance of obesity later in life
  • Less gas and constipation
  • Higher IQ scores
  • Bonding is wonderful
Breastfeeding is Beneficial at
Benefits to Mother...
  • Decreased bleeding after birth
  • Less chance of certain cancers such as breast, ovarian and uterine cancer
  • Decreased chance of osteoporosis
  • Bonding is wonderful
Benefits to Family and Society...
  • Cheaper...saves around $1000.00 in the first year
  • Baby is sick less, so miss less work
  • Diapers don't smell as bad
  • Less spit up, but when baby does spit up, it is easier to clean
Breastmilk is the Gold Standard...
  • Contains nutrients that can't be mimicked
  • Safe-even if there is a natural disaster where clean water can't be obtained, the baby will still be able to breastfeed
  • Never too hot or cold
  • Contains antibodies to keep baby less sick
  • Convenient
Tiny Babies: 

Tiny Babies Foundation is a Georgia 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was developed to increase breastfeeding awareness, education and duration.


Laid Back Breastfeeding Video:
The easiest way to help your baby onto the breast.
This video clip begins with a still image for about 30 seconds. In this time you can note the reclined and fully supported position of the mother and the baby 'tummy ON mummy' working with gravity. This mother seems to be enjoying holding her sleeping baby and the initiation of breastfeeding is not hurried and set in a relaxed atmosphere.
Video: Your Baby Knows How to Latch-On
 A short video clip from Ameda that shows how to easily help your baby start nursing.