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Staff Members

Heart of Georgia Healthy Start and Health Departments in our 10-county area have partnered to provide the best of care possible.

Position and County                                              Name                       Phone     

Director                                                            Margaret Turner            274-7619

Program Consultant                                          Cathy Morris                 274-7621

Program Associate                                           Wanda Plummer           274-7616

Outreach/Education Coordinator                         Tajalyn Woodruff           274-7623        

Special Projects Coordinator                              Linda Burton                 274-7624        
Lactation Consultant/                                        Doris Donaldson           274-7626
WIC Peer Counselor Supervisor
Lactation Counselor/Childbirth Educator             Carolyn Hayworth          274-7616
Lactation Counselor                                          Yvette Harden               274-7616
(Johnson, Laurens, Treutlen)                             
Lactation Counselor                                          Robin Sanchez             274-7625
(Laurens, Montgomery, Treutlen, Wheeler)         
Lactation Counselor                                          Sherri Graham               934-6590 
(Bleckley, Dodge, Pulaski)
Lactation Counselor                                          Bonita Outland              274-7616
(Johnson, Laurens)
Lactation Counselor                                          Tammy Renew              229-868-7404

Care Coordinators

Care Coordinator                                             Sherri Graham               274-7616         
(Bleckley, Pulaski)
Care Coordinator                                             Bonita Outland               274-7616         
(Laurens, Johnson)


Healthy Start Advocates

Laurens County/Bleckley                                 Latosha Elbert               274-7616         
Laurens/Bleckley County                                 Tammy Brantley            274-7616         
Telfair County                                                                                      274-7616          
Treutlen/Johnson/Laurens County                     Yvette Harden                274-7616         
Treutlen/Wheeler/                                            Robin Sanchez              274-7616         
Montgomery County
Wilcox/Pulaski/Dodge County                          Vanessa Harris              274-7616          
Wilcox/Pulaski/Dodge County                          Kimberly Montgomery    274-7616         
WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselors
Laurens County                                                Shirley Blash               272-2051         
Pulaski County                                                 Crystal Graham           274-7616
Laurens County                                                Germana Salveedra      272-2051
Laurens County                                                Vera Odum                  272-2051
Healthy Start serves the 10 county South Central Health District which includes Bleckley, Dodge, Johnson, Laurens, Mongtomery, Pulaski,Telfair, Treutlen, Wilcox and Wheeler Counties.  

  Bleckley               478-934-6590                152 North Eight Street, Cochran 31014

  Dodge                  478-374-5576                1121 Plaza Avenue, Eastman   31023

  Johnson                478-864-3542                120 Hilton Holton Drive, Wrightsville 31096

  Laurens                478-272-2051                2121 Bellevue Road, Dublin 31021

  Montgomery         912-583-4602                218 West Broad Street, Mt. Vernon, 30445

  Pulaski                 478-783-1361                301 North Lumpkin Street, Hawkinsville 31036       

  Telfair                  229-868-7404                713 Telfair Avenue, P.O. Box 328, McRae 31055

  Treutlen               912-529-4217                 619 Third Street, P.O. Box 585, Soperton 30457

  Wheeler               912-568-7161                 414 Kent Street, P.O. Box 669, Alamo 30411

  Wilcox                 229-365-2310                 1001 Second Avenue, P.O. Box 235, Rochelle  31079
                      Please visit the South Central Health District's website to link to each   
                         county's information.